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The Green House: Design it. Build it. Live it.
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The Green House is a documentary about the building of the first carbon neutral house in the Washington, D.C. area. The film presents in the moment commentary from the builder Mark Turner of GreenSpur, the architect Michael Day of Cunningham-Quill Architects, and Developer Mark Lowham of West*Group who are united in using sustainable building practices to preserve our way of life.

The story includes Deanna Belli and Vicky Sabo of CharityWorks who transformed the Green House into a green show house that was open to the public. 18 interior designers created 19 eco-friendly, luxurious spaces. Global conservationist Philippe Cousteau of Azure Worldwide provides further insight about how we build and live in our homes directly impacts the environment.
The Green House has been certified LEED Platinum. Energy Star Yardstick has rated this home in the top 1% of energy efficient homes in the country. Approximately 6,000 visitors toured the Green House show house, raising over $100,000 for charity.
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