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The Green House
Design it. Build it. Live it.
A Documentary

A film by Liv Violette and Jason Scadron 

The Green House is a documentary about the construction of the first carbon-neutral show house on the East Coast. It also captures the unique process of creating a "green show house" in which interior designers are challenged to create luxurious spaces based on progressive environmental standards.

The building, furnishing and showcasing of The Green House created a community of developers, builders, designers and community organizers. All came together to create this special home that once you experience, you will want to change the way you live.

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The CharityWorks GreenHouse

Standing in front of The Green House

(From left to right)
 Mark Turner of GreenSpur (the builder), Victoria
Sabo of CharityWorks GreenHouse (Co-Chair), Liv Violette of McLean PR Group (Executive Producer of the Green House Documentary), and Philippe Cousteau the co-founder of Azure Worldwide.